Talking about Opioids: Tips to Guide your Conversation with your Healthcare Providers

Make the most informed decision with your doctor

conversation with health professional

  • Work with your doctor – create a plan on how to manage your pain to make sure you are getting the safest, most effective pain management possible.
  • Discuss possible ways to manage your pain without opioids.
  • If it is determined that opioids are the best course of action, talk to your doctor about any and all side effects and concerns.
  • Carefully read the labels of all over-the-counter and prescription medicines you take and pay attention to any warnings on the labels.
  • Never take opioids in greater amounts or more often than prescribed.
  • Never sell or share prescription opioids. It’s illegal and dangerous.
  • Store prescription opioids in a secure place, out of reach of others (including children, family, friends, and visitors). See Up and Away.
  • Keep an up-to-date medication list and review all of the medications you are taking with your doctor at each visit. Be sure a family member, caregiver or close friend has a copy of the list.
  • Opioids and alcohol DO NOT ever mix.