Preventing Misuse and Abuse of Opioids Across the Ages

Whether you are:

  • A parent of a toddler who is coughing loudly during the night; your own pain medicine is in your handbag/backpack on the backseat of your car (or kitchen counter) within your child’s reach; or 
  • Teaching your tween to never take any medicine unless supervised by an adult; or
  • A college student facing deadlines and exams, who thinks that stimulants, ADHD drugs, or a pain reliever for a sports injury are safe, even when you get them from a friend, and not understanding that these medications could possibly be counterfeit and dangerous if not prescribed by a doctor; or
  • An adult with nagging lower back pain or someone who is caring for an older family member who takes 5 or more medicines including perhaps an opioid,

Here are resources to help you avoid misuse and abuse of opioid medications:

Older Adult